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Your ultimate cheat sheet to deciphering 100 popular texting medical acronyms

Updated: May 23, 2020

If the only “SLAP” you are familiar with refers to a shoulder injury OR you’ve ever felt like your co-workers, patients or family members are speaking another language, don’t worry!! I’m here to help you out! As medical professionals we are required to utilize medical abbreviations, decipher doctor’s handwriting and NOW we must stay up-to- date with net-lingo/text/SMS/social media acronyms. *These acronyms should NOT be used in actual medical documentation, but you may see them when communicating via text/email with others. With that being said, I’ve compiled a list that you can print out to sneak in your desk drawer!

2 – to, too 4 – for B – be C- see I – eye O – owe R – are U- you Y – why

Let’s move on to the more challenging acronyms: 2moro Tomorrow 2nte Tonight ACK Acknowledgment AFAIK As far as I know AFAIR As far as I remember / recall AKA Also known as AEAP As Early as Possible ALAP As Late as Possible ASAP As Soon as Possible B4YKI Before You Know it B/C Because BM&Y Between Me and You BRB Be right Back BRT Be right There BTAM Be that as it May BTT Back to Topic BTW By the Way CTN Cannot talk now CU See you CUS See You Soon CWOT Complete Waste of Time CYT See You Tomorrow DIY Do it Yourself DGMW Don’t get me wrong EOBD End of Business Day EOD End of Discussion EOD End of Day EOM End of Message EM? Excuse Me? EOT End of Thread/Text/Transmission F2F Face to Face FAQ Frequently asked Questions FACK Full Acknowledge FC Fingers Crossed FKA Formerly known as FOAF Friend of a Friend FWIW For what it’s Worth FYI / JFYI (Just) For your Information GR8 Great HF Have fun HTH Hope this Helps ICYMI In Case you missed it IDC I Don’t Care IDK I don’t know IIRC If I Recall / Remember Correctly IMHO In my Humble Opinion IMO In my Opinion IMNSHO In my not so Humble / Honest Opinion IOW In other Words ITT In this Thread J/K Just Kidding JC Just Checking JTLYK Just to Let You Know L8R Later LOL Laughing out loud MoF Male or Female MMW Mark my Words N/A Not Available / Applicable NaN Not a Number N-A- Y-L In a While NAZ Name, Address, ZIP NC No Comment NM Never Mind / Nothing Much NNTR No need to Reply NRN No Reply Necessary NP No Problem NSFW Not Safe for Work NTIM Not that it Matters NVM Never Mind OT Off Topic OTOH On the other Hand OATUS On a totally Unrelated Subject OIC Oh, I See OMW On My Way OTL Out to Lunch OTP On the Phone POV Point of View RN Right Now RSVP Repondez s’il vous plait (French: Please reply) RU Are You SFLR Sorry, for late Reply SLAP Sounds like a Plan SMIM Send Me an Instant Message SPOC Single Point of Contact TBA To be Announced TBC To be Continued /To be Confirmed TIA Thanks in Advance TGIF Thanks God, it’s Friday THX TNX Thanks TMI Too Much Information TQ Thank You TYVM Thank You Very Much TYT Take your Time TTYL Talk to you Later UR Your /You are W8 Wait WB Welcome Back WFM Works for Me WRT With Regard to WYCM Will You Call Me YMMD You made my Day YMMV Your Mileage may vary I’ve compiled this list onto a printable PDF so you can use it as a reference. You can access that printable HERE. There are SO many text acronyms out there! Which have you encountered that we missed? Let us know in the comments section!

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