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It's me. Your red-haired, freckle-faced, snack queen. 

I’m Marie, PROUD healthcare professional! I have been an Occupational Therapist for over 10 years and I recently started my post-professional doctorate in OT. I regularly fly back and forth between NYC and Texas for my schooling.


  Marie The OT


TWU Institute of Health Sciences

Before I became an OT, I was a special education teacher. I missed teaching so much that I became certified in AOTA Fieldwork Education and started helping fieldwork students. I created documents, resources, and mini-curriculums for my students to ensure that I was providing each of them with a thorough educational experience.

Brooklyn, New York

My fieldwork students, their colleges, and my co-workers started referring students and new graduates to me to help teach them the components of a great evaluation, help them hone their OT skills, suggest volunteer locations, critique their treatment sessions, and even identify which career path they should take. They’d even joke that I should start charging consulting fees!

♡ All work and no PLAY makes Occupationa
Volunteering in the remote areas of Tanz
“Act as if What You do Makes a Differenc

Ghent, Belgium

Throughout the years I became vigilant and active in

what I call “OT Issues”.  I reached out to politicians and sat down to discuss Occupational Therapy with our senators during Capitol Hill Day in Washington, D.C. I began volunteering all over the world in exotic places like Tanzania, Belgium, and Thailand. I created Facebook groups that have over 40,000+ members from around the world that are interested in Geriatric Occupational Therapy (Geri 4OT), I Love New York City,  and OT, PT, ST in New York City.

I started needing to devote more energy to than I had time for. (Studying + work!) So I slowly began to hire a team to help me inspire Occupational Therapists to try something new everyday. 

Karatu, Tanzania

OT Tribe,

I would love to get to know who you are behind these screens. Explore my social channels and drop me a hello!

I love to make new OT friends from around the world!

Marie The OT

Rift Valley, Tanzania

Oldeani, Tanzania

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