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Technique: Like Nike, Just Do it!

Updated: May 23, 2020

You have something that must be done today. We ALL do! If you are like me, you feel like a project manager of your own life. “Call Verizon, call my mom, mail pies to my grandfather, make a grocery list, walk the dog, etc., etc.….infinite ETCETERA .”

You spend more time thinking about or delaying tasks then actually doing them.

Here’s a new technique: Do the task for just 10 minutes and then evaluate. You can choose to stop or you can decide to keep going. The typical inefficient process is: evaluate for 10 minutes, twirl my thumbs for 5 more minutes and then do the task, or even decide not to do it at all! So from this point on, stop putting it off and do it for 10 minutes. Here’s why: We waste more time getting started than we actually do completing tasks. The thoughts that surround getting started are typically negative. We all know negative thoughts aren’t good for anyone. Once you begin, more often than not, we tend to realize that the task isn’t as bad as our thoughts made it out to be.

So stop delaying, do something, THEN evaluate. Here are a few additional benefits of utilizing this technique:

  1. You actually tackle a lot in 10 focused minutes rather than 10 dreaded minutes, which typically end up being distracted minutes.

  2. If you start the activity without resistance, your attitude towards completing the task will be better. T Having a better attitude leads to better production, better focus and overall less stress in your life!

  3. Neuroplasticity of the brain! Remember that word from OT school?

Practice what you preach! 10 minutes today, can be 15 minutes of task completion without complaints by next month! Remind yourself that these are 10 intentional minutes towards making your life more productive and stress free. What are the other benefits of using this technique to “Just Do It”?

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