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9 Handy Tips to Organize Your IPhone

Updated: May 23, 2020

Technology is only as valuable as the one using it.

Keeping up with the latest technology can help you daily by helping you organize, plan, communicate and track your life.

Additionally, having a solid understanding of technology can help you teach your patients how to use their latest gadgets to increase their independence.

Here are some hand-chosen techniques to utilize your IPhone more efficiently and productively to make your life easier:

  1. Your IPhone comes with four main buttons on the bottom of the screen. Your most used apps belong here, they are likely: Phone, Messages, E-mail and a web browser.

  2. Your home screen is the most easily accessible area of your phone. If you hold your phone in your right hand, this means that the left and bottom rows of apps are the most easily clickable areas. Put your second most used apps here and then fill in the other areas of the home screen with frequently used apps. I tend to try to only keep 8 apps on the front screen to minimize distraction during the day.

  3. Apps that are commonly used together such as calendar and to-do list, or running and music should be placed next to one another.

  4.  Apps you use often should be accessible with just one click, all other apps can be grouped together in categories like “news” and “social”.

  5.  Put the apps that you use less frequently on your second and third pages.

  6.  Lessen the amount of apps that you have by finding apps that can accomplish multiple things. For instance instead of downloading CNN, NBC and Fox News, find a news aggregator like “Pulse” that can pull news from all of those sources for you.

  7.  Leftover apps that you aren’t quite ready to delete can be grouped in a category named “Unused” or “Extras”.

  8.  Make a folder for all your unused extra apple apps like: Settings, App Store, Wallet, Watch, Voice Memos, Maps, FaceTime, Calculator, and Apple Store.

  9.  Folder suggestions: Money, Health, Home Automation, Shopping, Photo & Video, Try & Review (apps I download but haven’t tried yet)

Speaking of iPhone, have you downloaded my iPhone app?

Do you have any other IPhone tips to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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